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Make better decisions

Engaged throughout your entire decision making process


Discover important problems

Ask questions to learn which issues people experience. Turn problems into challenges.

Gather great ideas

Present your challenges to your target group. They will feel more engaged, and you can make more informed decisions.

Make better decisions

Keep your discussions civil and structured with pros and cons. Let people vote and make an informed decision.

  • Custom made surveys

    We make surveys that fit your corporate identity.

  • Consulting

    Our experts stick with you for the best possible result.

  • From problem to challenge

    Turn closed questions into inspiring competitions.

How satisfied are you with X?

  • Crowdsource innovation

    Use the creativity of your audience and let them share their own ideas.

  • Easy to use

    Engaging is simple and does not require a complicated registration process.

  • Solution-oriented discussions

    Our discussion structure is designed to convert questions to actionable suggestions.

How do we solve problem Y?

  • Arguments

    Get a clear overview of the most important advantages and problems of ideas.

  • Voting

    Participants get to vote on ideas and arguments.

  • Transparent decision making

    After making a decision, those who were involved automatically receive a notification.



Examples of online civic engagement

From support level measurement to idea generation: Argu can be used in various civic engagement projects.

Welk goed doel of initiatief verdient volgens jou €2.500,-?

Allocate a budget

The municipality Hollands Kroon gave citizens the opportunity to decide how a project budget was spent.

3538 votes

393 comments and arguments

Denk mee over de nieuwe Maliebaan!

Weigh options

In the municipality Utrecht, citizens could vote on the redevelopment of an important intersection.

797 votes

172 comments and arguments

Wat is uw mening over de mogelijke komst van een Van der Valkhotel in Heerenveen?

Measure support

The municipality Heerenveen allowed citizens to vote and exchange opinions about the potential arrival of a new Hotel.

180 votes

142 comments and arguments

Denkt u met ons mee hoe we onze woningen energiezuiniger kunnen maken?

Policy co-creation

Housing corporation Rochdale shared their own proposals for sustainability and allowed residents to vote, respond and share their own ideas.

193 votes

100 comments and arguments

Some of our customers

We have experience with many municipalities, semi-governments, associations and corporations.


We host Argu and will continue to develop it, so you can always use the latest features.


Easy to use voting system with powerful verficiation features.


Import email addresses or share a secret URL.


Gain insight into why your audience is either for or against something.


Receive complete reports with statistics about the results of the discussion and your audience.


See where discussions take place.


Stay up to date of new discussions through email.


You are in control of the rights of the users.


Add images, videos and documents.


Create urgency by automatically closing discussions.

Data export & API

You own your data. Access it through our API or export it as Excel, JSON or Linked Open Data.


Change how Argu looks to match your corporate identity.


Post and share articles.

* Soon

Open Meeting Data

Show documents from your meeting system and make them interactive.

* Soon

Blockchain voting

Transparent, anonymous and secure voting using decentralized storage.

* Soon


Use your existing SAML or OAUTH sign in system.

Our method

We're experienced with civic engagement and we'd love to help you successfully engage your audience. Working with us might look like this:

  1. Exploratory conversation

    Together we will discuss your case and decide whether Argu is the right tool for the job.

  2. Set up discussions

    We set goals for the engagement process and propose a way to set up the discussion. Together we pick the best approach.

  3. Reach your audience

    Together we will execute the communication strategy to reach your target audience. Generally we use both online and offline communication channels.

  4. Moderation

    During the discussion we will monitor the activity. If necessary, we will intervene with your permission.

  5. Reporting & feedback

    After closing the discussion, an update can be sent to all participants to inform them about decisions. We create a report with statitics.


How much does Argu cost?

Our pricing depends on your organization's size, the size of your target audience and how much consultancy you request. Get in touch for more information.

Who moderates the discussion?

If you want to, we do, but you can always use the built-in moderation tools.

How does voting work?

You can allow everyone with a valid email address to vote, you can whitelist a set of emailaddresses, share a uniqute URL or you can generate single-use tokens.

Is Argu Open Source?

Although not all our source code is available at our Github, we'll allow anyone who asks to look at our code. Our data is (wherever possible) Open Data, so it can easily be reused.

I have a different question.

Send us an email at or dial 0031653962242.