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Lobbying effectively and transparently

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What is Argu?

Argu is an online social lobbyplatform for anyone committed to progressing society. It's a website where ideas, arguments and opinions gather.

Argu facilitates structured discussions by ordering pro- and con arguments and creates an environment where citizens, NGO's, governments and politicians may engage in dialogue, allowing decision making to be more effective and more well-argumented.

How does Argu help interest groups?

On Argu, your ideas can easily be shared with a group of engaged citizens, directors and politicians. Afterwards, citizens can vote on your ideas, creating quantifiable public support. Furthermore, political parties can easily share their opinion. This allows all relevant actors to be involved with and influence the decision making process, including you.

Directors can read what your idea is and what arguments belong to it, which means your arguments are considered during the decision making process. Also, the website allows autographs to be collected and allows political parties to share their opinion on motions. Argu facilitates more influence for everyone.

Argu is free to use. We do not receive any income from interest groups or visitors.

More than a petition

Argu is more extensive than a petition website. Gather votes, arguments, and reactions from politicians. Keep stakeholders up to date through Argu.

Substantiative discussions

Argu keeps discussions substantiative, clear, and solution oriented. This allows you the chance to clarify your position and convince even the most critical thinkers.

Reach political parties

On Argu, political parties can respond directly to propositions. This allows the lobby process to become quicker and more transparent.

Start a campaign

  1. Create a personal account on your own name.
  2. Create an organisation in the profile menu.
  3. Invite others from your organisation to administer the organisation.
  4. Post a convincing motion in the Eurpean Union forum or in the forum where your proposition is relevant.
  5. Add arguments to your motion.
  6. Share your proposition in your newsletter, on facebook and with friends. Ask those involved to vote and discuss!
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